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Let’s Set The Record Straight

It’s been said you cant set ADAS by the front wheels and that you can only use the rear thrust line, so let’s look at the evidence…

















This illustration shows a thrust line and the rear wheels pointing out, this has been causing issues whilst using laser systems on the front wheels for years. This is due to the fact that the front wheels turn in line with the thrust line which results in a miss-aligned steering wheel.

So the front wheels will naturally take the same direction as the thrust line, in-fact all the driver will experience is a miss aligned steering wheel. If the user of the alignment equipment has had correct training then this can be rectified using the lasers on the rear and compensating for the thrust angle on the front. Or (and this is why computers are ever more popular), all modern day computer aligners will automatically compensate for this if you skip the rear adjustment page and go straight to the front adjustment page.

But ultimately you CAN use the front wheels for ADAS calibration because naturally the front wheels will follow the thrust line.

It’s always recommended to have the alignment corrected before the ADAS on a vehicle is calibrated, those who don’t do this may be calibrating the ADAS on vehicle on incorrect alignment settings and wasting a lot of time and expense.

I hope everyone can understand this post clearly and please don’t be fooled by people who do not understanding the correct alignment procedure.

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