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Wheel Alignment Systems backed by unrivalled expertise 

Supalign is one of the UK's leading suppliers of vehicle wheel alignment machines. Created as a division of the long-established JHM Butt (or Butts) brand, we provide an extensive range of vehicle wheel alignment systems & equipment, ranging from Laser alignment equipment, mobile CCD wheel alignment equipment, and 3D computerised wheel aligners to wheel alignment lifts, tyre changer machines, and ADAS calibration tools

Supalign - Wheel Alignment Machines & Equipment Supplier

We are partnered with Ravaglioli, Europe's leading manufacturer of workshop equipment and wheel alignment technology. This means we only supply the finest-quality tools for your tyre workshop, car repair shop, or garage. Ravaglioli is the 'gold standard' of wheel alignment equipment.

Our team is fully trained and knowledgeable about the latest wheel alignment technologies. We also offer wheel alignment training. We are just a phone call away should you need expert product advice for your premises.


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6 Camera, 4-Wheel Alignment System

Ravaglioli 6 Camera Wheel Alignment Machine

According to KwikFit, 40% of drivers hit a pot hole in the last year, which means many drivers are traveling around causing needless wear and tear to their vehicle. 

Our 6 Camera Wheel Alignment System is our best selling computerised car wheel alignment machine, by Ravaglioli. Available to buy or for lease, this machine will enable your workshop to take advantage of the huge wheel alignment opportunity.

As one of the leaders in Wheel Alignment Equipment, our specialists can fully train your team on how to make the most of this opportunity. We will guide you through how to use this machine in the most accurate, efficient, and profitable way. 

Why choose Supalign as your Wheel Alignment Equipment Supplier?

We Offer Wheel Alignment Machine Leasing

We understand the cost of car workshop equipment isn't cheap if you are a newly growing business, which is why we offer a range of flexible leasing packages to our customers. You can kit out your garage by renting one of our Ravaglioli 3D computerised wheel alignment machines from just £38 per week (subject to finance checks).

According to BookMyGarage, the average cost of 2 wheel alignment is £41.23, and for 4 wheel alignment customers pay £74.64. That means you can have the latest technologies at your fingertips, expand the range of services you offer, and increase your revenue profitably without the initial large capital outlay. Get a wheel alignment machine cost using our profit calculator or call our wheel alignment specialists to learn more.

Decades of expert Wheel Alignment knowledge

Our in-house team has some of the most experienced minds when it comes to wheel aligners, tyre changers, lifts, and garage equipment. We will advise on the most appropriate kit for the size of your garage operation, and ensure you are fully trained on everything you buy or lease from us.

We are the Complete Wheel Alignment Solution

We don’t just offer garage and wheel alignment equipment. We offer complete planning, design, support and training to your garage workshop through our national engineer network. Over the past 45 years, we’ve built long-term relationships with our customers, keeping them full equipped with the right technology, machinery, and knowledge to help them grow their businesses. At Supalign, we see ourselves as a partner you can rely on. We are part of JHM Butt & Co which means you have one of the leaders in this field to back you.  

We Can Help You Grow your Garage Workshop

We are more than just a garage equipment provider. We run our own dedicated support team in Doncaster, and we support many workshops of all shapes and sizes around the UK. We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest technologies and customer needs. We also have a great understanding of how to run garage workshops more efficiently and profitably. It’s in our interest to find the right wheel alignment solution that works for you. Call our team on 01302 712668 and let’s have a talk about how we can help you to grow your operation. 

 Wheel Alignment Machine FAQs

Why do you need a wheel alignment machine in your garage workshop?

A wheel alignment system provides an invaluable aid for technicians. It not only ensures the correct fitment of tyres, but also checks and corrects any misalignment that may have occurred. This not only improves vehicle handling and fuel economy, but increases safety in the long term for your customer. 

In addition, offering wheel alignment can add extra profit to your garage. Leasing alignment equipment from Supalign can help you to grow your business in a more cost-effective and risk-free way.

Which wheel alignment system do I need for my garage workshop?

This depends on your budget and the quality of service you want to offer.

Laser systems work and they are accurate. The trouble with laser systems is that your customer has no proof that you have done what you’ve said you’ve done and aligned the vehicle’s wheels properly.

Computerised machines significantly reduce the human error associated with wheel alignment, they offer a print out which highlights the geometry in red or green. Green means good, it is within manufacturers specs. Red is bad and shows your wheels being out of alignment.

Computerised wheel alignment machines protect both the business offering the service and customer. The customer is happy because they have got proof that their vehicle meets manufacture requirements, as is the business who is a bit richer and can keep a copy for themselves in case the customer challenges their service in the future.

How much does a full wheel alignment system cost to lease?

Our wheel alignment machine lease plans are very affordable. You can rent for a 6CCD machine from just £38.24 per week, or hire a top of the range Ravaglioli 8CCD wheel alignment machine to £54.65 per week

Can you use wheel alignment machines on any vehicle?

Most if not all, vehicles have front and rear toe that can be adjusted using wheel alignment machines. Modern cars also require front and rear camber adjustments.

The type of alignment your car receives depends on your car’s suspension. A four-wheel alignment is reserved for all-wheel drive vehicles, or front-wheel drive vehicles with independent or adjustable rear suspensions.

SUPALIGN offer wheel alignment theory training courses which go through all the fundamental concepts.

How long does wheel alignment take with a 6CCD machine?

A quick check to find out the wheel alignment can be done with our computerised machines in roughly 2 minutes.

Most Wheel alignment adjustments takes typically an hour or less depending on the experience of the mechanic. Four-wheel alignment will take a little longer if the mechanic finds broken or worn-out parts in the suspension system.



Offering an extensive range of laser, CCD & 3D aligners Supalign is a one stop shop for wheel alignment requirements.