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With 30 years of experience backing up our expertise, you know that we only offer the best. We offer leverless tyre changing machines to suit all your needs. Whether it’s simple and straightforward tyre replacement equipment at lower costs, such as our SUPALIGN 22” Semi-Automatic Tyre Changer Economy, or the most advanced tyre changer machines on the market such as our SUPALIGN Premium Leverless Tyre Changer 30”” with a built-in Assistor Arm, we have the best tyre changing equipment for every garage.

We offer two ranges of leverless tyre changer machines: our Economy range and our Premium range. Our Economy line of tyre changer equipment offers both automatic and semi-automatic machinery at 22” and 24”. Our Premium range is fully automatic at 22” and 24”. We also offer leverless tyre changers with wheel lifts at 26” and 30”.

All our tyre fitting machines will give the user speed and efficiency. We don’t offer below-par equipment: we want your garage to run as smoothly as possible. Our car tyre changer machines will ensure just this.

Leverless Tyre Changer Machine FAQs:

What does a leverless tyre changer do?

A leverless tire changer is a machine used to help tire technicians remove and refit tires. After the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the vehicle, the tire changer has all the components necessary to remove and replace the tire from the wheel.

How long does it take for tyres to be changed?

Typically, it takes 30-45 minutes to change a tyre. With the correct equipment, such as our line of Premium leverless tyre changer machines, you can radically reduce the time it takes to change your customers’ tyres.

How often should tyres be changed?

On average, most tyres are sufficient to drive for around 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Tyres that are 5-6 years old should be replaced to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.


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