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  • Wheel Alignment Machines & Accessories

Supalign is one of the leaders in wheel alignment machinery and technology in the UK. Backed by over 50 years of expertise in the garage equipment industry, you know that when you come to Supalign you can expect premium quality products and service as standard. We supply a range of professional wheel alignment tools, equipment, and accessories to give garage workshops the edge over their competition.

Need a wheel alignment machine for your garage, bodyshop or workshop? Talk to us.

Wheel Alignment Machines We Stock

If you’re in the market for a wheel alignment machine for your workshop then we have two options available, depending on your budget. You can choose from computerised wheel alignment machines and laser wheel alignment machines.  Our computerised wheel alignment machines have been developed with speed, precision, efficiency and the customer in mind.

We are also official stockists of the Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Systems, ranging from the Ravaglioli System6 and Ravglioli System8 Camera Systems, as well as the Ravaglioli 3D Computerised Wheel Alignment System and the Crucifix Wheel Aligner. Laser wheel aligners have been created as a more cost-effective solution to carrying out professional vehicle alignment.

Wheel Alignment Tools & Accessories

Alongside our professional wheel alignment machines, we sell a range of accessories and supportive tools that you will need to perform a quality service on any vehicle.

Our range of Wheel Alignment Lifts is one of the vastest in the industry, with various lengths and options available to suit all needs. Our Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers are all manufactured to CE standards and installed and commissioned to British standards.

We also offer Ravaglioli Self-Centering Point Clamps and Quick Locking Arms, as well as Non-Runout Quick Adaptors. If you are looking for wheel alignment tools, feel free to browse our extensive range of products.

Wheel Alignment Machine FAQS

Which wheel alignment system do I need for my garage workshop?

This depends on your budget and the quality of service you want to offer.

Laser systems work and they are accurate. The trouble with laser systems is that your customer has no proof that you have done what you’ve said you’ve done and aligned the vehicle’s wheels properly.

Computerised machines significantly reduce the human error associated with wheel alignment, they offer a print out which highlights the geometry in red or green. Green means good, it is within manufacturers specs. Red is bad and shows your wheels being out of alignment.

Computerised wheel alignment machines protect both the business offering the service and customer. The customer is happy because they have got proof that their vehicle meets manufacture requirements, as is the business who is a bit richer and can keep a copy for themselves in case the customer challenges their service in the future.

How much does a full wheel alignment system cost to lease?

Our wheel alignment machine lease plans are very affordable. You can rent for a 6CCD machine from just £38.24 per week, or hire a top of the range Ravaglioli 8CCD wheel alignment machine to £54.65 per week

Can you use wheel alignment machines on any vehicle?

Most if not all, vehicles have front and rear toe that can be adjusted using wheel alignment machines. Modern cars also require front and rear camber adjustments.

The type of alignment your car receives depends on your car’s suspension. A four-wheel alignment is reserved for all-wheel drive vehicles, or front-wheel drive vehicles with independent or adjustable rear suspensions.

SUPALIGN offer wheel alignment theory training courses which go through all the fundamental concepts.

How long does wheel alignment take with a 6CCD machine?

A quick check to find out the wheel alignment can be done with our computerised machines in roughly 2 minutes.

Most Wheel alignment adjustments takes typically an hour or less depending on the experience of the mechanic. Four-wheel alignment will take a little longer if the mechanic finds broken or worn-out parts in the suspension system.

Why do you need a wheel alignment machine in your garage workshop?

A wheel alignment system provides an invaluable aid for technicians. It not only ensures the correct fitment of tyres, but also checks and corrects any misalignment that may have occurred. This not only improves vehicle handling and fuel economy, but increases safety in the long term for your customer. 

In addition, offering wheel alignment can add extra profit to your garage. Leasing alignment equipment from Supalign can help you to grow your business in a more cost-effective and risk-free way.

Offering an extensive range of laser, CCD & 3D aligners Supalign is a one stop shop for wheel alignment requirements.