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  • Budget Friendly Garage Equipment

Supalign offers a wide range of budget-friendly garage equipment that is perfect for workshops of all sizes. Some of our most popular yet affordable garage equipment includes our very own Supalign Tyre Changer, 6 Camera Wheel Aligner, Two Post Lift, Four Post Alignment Lift, and Wheel Balancer. This quality bundle is all you need in your garage, as it includes all the essentials to get the job done at an affordable price.

Whether you're starting a new garage or looking to upgrade your existing facility, Supalign's budget-friendly garage equipment is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our products and get started on your next project.

*Delivery and Installation available on request*

Semi-Automatic Tyre Changer

This semi-automatic tyre changer machine is designed with a simple, yet strong, design making it a reliable solution for low-mid volume workshops. The Automatic tyre changer with assistor arm for run flat tyres is a great addition for customers who sell tyres, but not in high volumes like fast fit and don’t want to spend the earth. Change wheels from 12”-24” inside clamping and 10” – 21” Outside clamping. Single phase for simple installation, and no need for extra expensive electrics. It is a great addition to the workshop who want to start in tyres.
BWCTC0002 £1785 + VAT

Motorised Wheel Balancer

Our Supalign Motorised Wheel Balancer is our affordable solution to your balancing needs. Capable of balancing wheels from 10” to 24” using 5 balancing modes. Includes self-calibrations and self-diagnosis, this wheel balancer includes all the essential technology to ensure ease of use. Maximum wheel weight is 65kg.
BWCWB0001 - £765 + VAT

Supalift Four Post Vehicle Lift

This Electric Hydraulic four-post lift offers electrical lock release, 5-tonne capacity, front radius and rear slip plates for wheel alignment applications. More options are available at added prices.

Installation Requirements:

  • A suitable electric supply with a dedicated isolator
  • A level floor
  • A Compressed air supply for the locking mechanism
  • Load testing using a certified vehicle
BVL50004PWA - £4965 + VAT

Supalift Hydraulic Two Post Vehicle Lift

Our 3-phase two-post hydraulic lift boasts a weight limit of 4000kg. Four three stage arms means optimum lifting for even the big vehicles in the garage. CE-approved and fitted to British standards, this two-post lift is the affordable solution for your garage needs. Main features include electric lock release, adjustable lifting pads, and car door protectors as standard and include 70mm lift extensions as standard.

Installation Requirements:

  • A suitable electric supply with a dedicated isolator
  • A level floor
  • A Compressed air supply for the locking mechanism
  • Load testing using a certified vehicle
BVL4000B - £2155 + VAT

Computerised 6-camera Wheel Aligner Machine

Our 6-camera system is our best-selling computerised wheel alignment machine, made in Italy. The 6CCD boasts a lot of features which make it one of the best computerised wheel aligners on the market at this price range. Data Bluetooth transmission allows maximum mobility between different working positions. This model can even be used on a two-post lift when your four post is busy, making it even more versatile for your workshop! With a clear and easy to sell printout, this really is the best all round aligner on the market. Enquire for a free no no-obligation demo today.
RAVTD1760WS - £7495 + VAT

Why Choose Supalign?

Supalign, is a leading wheel care brand in the UK. In partnership with JHM Butt & Co Ltd, we also supply the ‘Supalift’ garage equipment lift range across the UK. JHM Butt brings with them over 50 years’ of experience in the garage equipment industry, meaning you as a customer can feel confident you are dealing with an expert in their field.


With 50 years of experience in the automotive equipment industry, we possess a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by mechanics and technicians. Our expertise allows us to offer solutions that cater to the workshop’s requirements.

Wide Product Range

We offer a large selection of garage equipment suitable for all garages no matter your budget. Not only is our ‘Supalign’ equipment budget-friendly but it is also quality and reliable, backed up by a proper garage equipment company.

Quality and Reliability

We are committed to providing only the highest quality equipment. Our wheel care products are designed to deliver accurate and reliable results, promoting vehicle safety and performance.

User-Friendly Solutions

Our garage and wheel care equipment are designed with the user in mind. Accessible interfaces and clear reporting features enable your technicians to carry out tests with confidence and efficiency.


Our expert customer support team is always ready to assist you with any enquiries or questions you may have. We are here to ensure that your experience with our products is the most positive.
Contact us today regarding our wheel care range or lift range and one of our team will be happy to help.

Offering an extensive range of laser, CCD & 3D aligners Supalign is a one stop shop for wheel alignment requirements.