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Ravaglioli 3D Computerised Wheel Alignment System

Ravaglioli 3D Computerised Wheel Alignment System Description

  • Megapixel lenses
  • True 3D solid-state targets
  • Lift compensation
  • Bluetooth data transfer between sensors and console
  • Guided procedure and adjustment software with 3D animated images
  • Keyboard, remote control and display on measuring heads
  • Saving of wheel position in 'Run out' and Quick Run Out
  • Battery power supply

Standard Equipment

  • Control unit with PC, TFT Monitor, keyboard, printer, automatic battery charger
  • 2 Pairs of quick clamps to the lift
  • 2 sensors
  • 2 quick locking 3 point clamps with target (for 8" - 24" rims)
  • 1 pair of mechanical turning plates STDA124, including spacers
  • Brake pedal depressor and steering wheel holder

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