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What Exactly Is Windscreen Calibration?

In our previous blog, we took a look at what a Camera-based Driver Assistance System is, what they’re good at…and what they’re not. Also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), these driver aides help keep drivers and other road users safer on every journey. One of the common misconceptions regarding ADAS systems is that they can be largely forgotten about once fitted and require little maintenance. This brings us onto the subject this article – what is a windscreen calibration – and how are they done?

New Tech, New Issues

Have you had a customer arrive in a fairly modern car, that either requires their wheels aligned, a new windscreen fitted, or undergone bodywork repairs, like a bumper replacement?

The chances are that their car (less than 5 or 6 years old) will come fitted from the factory with various ADAS systems such as lane-keep assist, pre-collision assist, adaptive cruise control, or a smart speed limiter.

These high tech systems are usually mounted behind the windscreen and are finely adjusted according to manufacturers’ specifications, literally to keep the delicate sensing equipment in line with the proportions of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the ADAS systems are easily affected by other parts of the vehicle becoming damaged – for example if the windscreen has been cracked or replaced, or if the vehicle has been in a collision, which can dislodge the cameras and RADAR/LiDAR sensors.

When this happens, the sensing equipment no longer reads accurately as it is out of alignment with the physical limits and extremities of the vehicle.

To restore the accuracy of the majority of ADAS systems, a windscreen calibration is required, where the cameras and sensors are aligned and configured after being refitted or where parts affecting their function have been replaced.

Tools for the job

ADAS equipment includes some of the most technologically advanced safety features that you’ll find on a customers’ vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that configuring their sensing hardware is not as simple as clicking it into position and roughly making sure it is facing the right way!

Much like zeroing a rifle scope, a windscreen calibration involves careful adjustment and fine tuning to ensure the optical and scanning equipment is dialled into position according to the equipment it is mounted to.  A misalignment of a single degree is enough to alter the field of view of the camera and reduce the accuracy of the equipment.

To achieve this fine tuning, you’ll need more than a PZ2 screwdriver and a micrometer in your workshop tool rack.

Most ADAS systems are calibrated using a suite of equipment that is mounted to and around the vehicle, allowing the cameras and sensors to be focussed on known fixed points, thus determining their current positions and the extent to which they need to be adjusted to achieve full accuracy. 

At SUPALIGN we offer two systems that will ensure an accurate, repeatable windscreen calibration every time; our Autel MaxiSys Analogue Calibration System and our premium Brainbee Digital ADAS 2.0 Calibration System.

Autel MaxiSys Analogue Windscreen Calibration Tool

This system offers a no-nonsense solution to all aspects of windscreen calibration and can be used in conjunction with our Ravaglioli CCD and 3D wheel alignment equipment. Our standard package includes the pattern board (placed in front of the vehicle during calibration), the MaxiSys tablet device with all the ADAS software, databank & tutorials to get you started, as well as the mounting frame for the pattern board.

The Autel analogue calibration tool features:

  • millimetre-level accuracy thanks to the crossbar’s minor adjustment knob and laser positioning
  • Easy radar and front camera location via integrated laser
  • Portable design allowing quick assembly and easy storage
  • Modular frame facilitating upgrades whenever you’re ready
  • Intuitive app-based software that guides you through calibration procedures
  • Regular updates of latest OE-level diagnostic and calibration software
  • Pre and post- scan reports
  • Support for most vehicles on the market

If you need a cost-efficient solution to enable you to carry out all windscreen calibration, wheel alignment, and other ADAS function calibrations – look no further than the Autel MaxiSys system.

Brainbee Digital ADAS 2.0 System

If you need an all-singing, all-dancing windscreen calibration tool, you’ve found it.

Powered by AI technology, this system makes even the most complex ADAS calibration tasks easy, allowing you to focus on quality workmanship (you’re not preoccupied with the basics of calibration) and optimising your operational efficiency – you can achieve more, in less time.

Starting with the integrated licence-plate reading system (which identifies the vehicle, and the windscreen calibration settings required), followed by the fully automatic measurement process- you will be able to perform a complete calibration in mere minutes.

Here are a few other reasons why you’ll love the Brainbee Digital ADAS system:

  • All parameters related to vehicle alignment are acquired via laser, giving immediate measurements, saving you time
  • Vertical positioning of the integrated monitor is handled automatically via the diagnostic interface display – no need to adjust it by hand to match the vehicle manufacturers specifications
  • Clear 3D video tutorials are provided through the tablet display, walking you through the calibration procedures for the specific vehicle
  • The patent-pending Keystone system allows the calibration target to be perfectly aligned with the vehicle, without having to move the car, van, pickup or truck an inch.


Similar to the analogue system by Autel, our Brainbee Digital ADAS tool can be used to calibrate all cameras and RADAR sensors required for functions such as lane keep assist, pre-collision assist, speed limiters, and adaptive cruise control to function.

Times are changing…so should you

The world of motoring is only going in one direction – smarter, more technologically advanced, and safer. Because of this, an increasing number of previously simple tasks such as replacing a bumper or windscreen now require high-tech tools and equipment to restore the vehicle safety systems. This is so essential now that in most cases an insurer will require a windscreen calibration even after minor repairs following a front end collision. To ensure you keep ahead of the curve and aren’t limited to only repairing classic cars – make sure you one of our ADAS calibration systems in your garage.


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