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Why Is Laser Tracking The Best Gauge For Your Vehicle’s Wheel Alignment?

Laser tracking gauges offer the ultimate alignment accuracy for your car, measuring toe-in and toe-out using the laser beam to make contact with the wheel rims.

Laser tracking gauges can be used on almost all cars and light commercial vehicles and are easy to use, all you need is a level floor. Anyone can become a wheel alignment expert with a laser tracking gauge as they do all the hard work for you and are supremely accurate. 

How does Laser Tracking Gauges Work?

Laser tracking gauges use beams of light to check that the wheels of the car are set up as the manufacturer intended. It’s easy for alignment and tracking to be knocked out by hitting something hard in the road like a raised pothole or kerbing the vehicle as you corner.

The wheels should be configured to point at specific angles and not just pointing forwards. This ensures the car moves along smoothly and most aerodynamically.

The vehicle is put on a ramp so the wheels can rotate. A gauge is attached to each wheel and a laser beam is shone from one wheel to the other.

What Checks do Laser Tracking Gauges Offer?

Lasers check for toe-in and toe-out which is the direction the two front wheels point relative to each other. Laser tracking gauges check for set back which means spotting whether one wheel on the same axle is set further back than the other. There can be an imperceptible difference which is not possible to spot with the naked eye.

Laser tracking gauges check for camber which means the angle of the wheels in relation to the road. They also evaluate caster which is the degree the vehicle steering axis is tilted backwards or forward from the vertical when viewed from the side.

These checks are cumbersome and potentially inaccurate without a laser tracking gauge.


Why is Vehicle Wheel Alignment so Important?

Even with the best driving in the world, poor-quality roads can chip away at wheel alignment and before you know it, there can be a misalignment. Usually, this becomes apparent as the steering will pull to one side on a straight road. Tyre wear may be uneven and there can also be vibration through the steering wheel.

Correct wheel alignment promotes safe motoring and also prolongs the life of your tyres with even tread wear. Efficient fuel consumption is an added bonus.


Final Thoughts

Laser tracking gauges offer the best and most accurate assessment of a vehicle’s wheel alignment, minimising the risk of human error. It is a quick process so you can check your car’s wheel alignment sufficiently regularly to spot any issues before they cause major problems.

Supalign supplies laser tracking gauges in both two and four-wheel options which also feature a rechargeable battery so are wiring-free and sensitive wheel mounts which won’t scratch expensive alloys. Contact Supalign for the best value laser tracking gauges with friendly and professional advice always available to find the product that is right for you.

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