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Why Two Post Lifts are the Popular Choice for Garage Workshops

Whether you are a new business or an established garage, you know that you need the right equipment to ensure effective and efficient operations. And one piece of equipment that has made its way to being one of the most popular pieces of equipment in garage workshops is the two post lift. But why are two post lifts such a popular choice for garage workshops? As well as coming in a variety of designs which range from symmetrical, asymmetrical and verysmmetrical, they offer advantages that contribute to how effective your garage workshop operates. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why two post lifts are the most popular and common option for garage workshops and mechanics.

Space Efficiency

One of the main reasons why two post lifts are so popular in garage workshops is their space efficiency. Unlike four post lifts, which require a large amount of floor space, a two post lift takes up considerably less space in comparison and therefore can be installed in smaller workshops. This makes them an ideal choice for garage owners, especially those who are looking to maximise their space without compromising on functionality.


Two post lifts are incredibly versatile and can accommodate for a wide range of vehicles. They are capable of lifting anything from cars, vans and even motor homes (within capacity) with ease whilst ensuring the safety of the mechanics to carry out their work. This versatility allows garage owners the ability to service a variety of vehicles, which can expand their potential customer base to both personal and commercial vehicles.


Accessibility is another key advantage of two post lifts. With the lifting arms positioned on either side of the vehicle, mechanics have unrestricted access to the underside of the vehicle. This makes it easier to perform tasks such as oil changes, brake repairs, and suspension work. The open design of two post lifts also allows for easy access to the wheels, making tyre removal and replacement easier to accomplish. Some two post lifts are also designed to be baseless, which clears the floor of the garage and allows for easier access in order to work on the vehicle.


Compared to other types of lifts, two post lifts are more cost-effective. They are generally less expensive to purchase and install, making them a budget-friendly option for garage and workshop businesses. Additionally, two post lifts require less maintenance and have lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs over time. These cost advantages make two post lifts a practical choice for both established workshops and new businesses looking to make efficient use of their resources.

Enhanced Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are crucial for any garage workshop, and two post lifts help streamline operations. With a two post lift, mechanics can quickly and easily lift vehicles to a comfortable working height, reducing the time spent manoeuvring around the vehicle. This results in increased efficiency and allows mechanics to complete jobs more quickly, ultimately improving overall productivity for a quicker turn around for jobs.

Durability and Stability

Two post lifts are built to last. Manufacturers, such as Ravaglioli, design them with robust materials and advanced engineering techniques to ensure durability and stability. This means that garage owners can rely on their two post lifts to withstand the demands of daily use and heavy-duty applications. The stability of a two post lift also contributes to a safer working environment for mechanics, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.


When it comes to choosing the right equipment for a garage workshop, it is understandable to see why two post lifts stand out as the most popular choice. Their space efficiency, versatility, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, enhanced productivity, and durability make them an ideal option for garage owners and mechanics. Whether you’re a small garage looking to optimise space or a larger workshop in need of versatile lifting capabilities, a two post lift can meet your needs and ensure efficient and effective vehicle servicing. Investing in a two post lift to elevate your garage workshop can help you to reach new heights of productivity and success.

Remember, when selecting a lift for your garage workshop it is crucial to consider your specific needs, space limitations, and budget. Supalign offers a range of high-quality two post lifts and other garage equipment, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your workshop requirements.


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