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Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment System 4 Camera System

About the Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment System 4 Camera System

The Ravaglioli TOTAL DRIVE wheel aligner, thanks to its innovative design concept and use of state of the art technology and components represents the very best choice in terms of price & performance. All the characteristic angles of both vehicle axles are controlled by means of two measuring heads with 4 CCD sensors.

Ravaglioli Model TD 5040, with two front measuring heads equipped with 4 infra red CCD sensors and two rear infra red transmitters, makes it possible to measure all steering angles, operating first on the rear axle and then on the front one.

Ravaglioli 4 Camera System Standard Equipment

  • 1 control unit complete with PC, monitor, keyboard, printer and battery-charger
  • 2 front measuring heads
  • 2 rear transmitters complete with hook-over clamps (TD 5040)
  • 1 brake pedal presser
  • 1 steering clamp
  • Ravaglioli instruction manual

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