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2 Wheel Optical Laser
Aligner Gauges


Quicktrak Car Optical 2 Wheel Track Aligner

A British hand-made Wheel Aligner that’s cheaper than its mass produced Chinese competitors.

Car Optical, CO2WLA, is our entry level unit. It’s well priced and seriously well made.

It does what it does, and it does it efficiently. One axle at a time. 13inch to 22inch rims.

It doesn’t break. It doesn’t scratch alloys, and like all QuickTrak products it won’t break the bank.

But, best of all, as it’s a QuickTrak it’s made in Sheffield and Built to Last.


  • Rechargeable battery operated eliminating the need for wires
  • Tried and tested ‘Hang on Tyre’ design
  • Works on practically all cars and light commercials
  • Works on Rim Diameters between 13” and 22”
  • Designed for DIY/Home/Track use (not recommended for Professional Workshops because most customer now expect all 4 wheels to be aligned).

Offering an extensive range of laser, CCD & 3D aligners Supalign is a one stop shop for wheel alignment requirements.