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Author: Mark Bean

Used & Second Hand Wheel Alignment Machines

Used Wheel Alignment Machines

A wheel alignment machine is a piece of machinery that is used to align all the wheels on a vehicle during the assembly phase of the car’s construction. In addition, this method can be used if the wheels are out of alignment while the vehicle is in operation. Using wheel alignment machines, you will be able to adjust the angle of the wheels so that they will meet the specifications recommended by the manufacturer.

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Wheel Alignment Machine

What is wheel balancing and alignment? 

If you aren’t aware of what wheel alignment machines are, in essence, a wheel alignment machine aligns all the wheels of a vehicle typically during its assembling time. Although wheel alignment machines are most often used when the car is in its assembling phase, these handy machines are now used more than ever due to several factors that have a terrible effect on the car’s alignment; inconsistent weather and terrible road conditions are a few to name!

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What Is Truck Alignment And Why Is It Important?

Truck alignment is the term used to describe the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. The purpose of aligning a truck is to ensure that all four wheels point in the same direction. This is important because it helps to increase the lifespan of the truck’s tires and suspension components and improves the truck’s handling. 

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Tracking Gauges, What Are They And What Do They Do?

Tracking gauges, also sometimes called tracking aligners, are designed to measure the angle between a pair of wheels on a single axle.

Most tracking gauges are digital and the angle between the wheels is displayed in increments of 0.1 of a degree with a conversion table supplied to convert the reading to millimetres for easy application to the specific wheel diameter.

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What Exactly Is Windscreen Calibration?

In our previous blog, we took a look at what a Camera-based Driver Assistance System is, what they’re good at…and what they’re not. Also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), these driver aides help keep drivers and other road users safer on every journey. One of the common misconceptions regarding ADAS systems is that they can be largely forgotten about once fitted and require little maintenance. This brings us onto the subject this article – what is a windscreen calibration – and how are they done?

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All About Wheel Alignment Systems

Supalign is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality car products. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Supalign has been able to provide its customers with some of the most reliable products available on the market. Supalign has an array of wheel alignment systems, including tablet-controlled 3D wheel aligners, commercial aligner conversion kits.

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Used & Second Hand Wheel Alignment Machines

Why Is Laser Tracking The Best Gauge For Your Vehicle’s Wheel Alignment?

Laser tracking gauges offer the ultimate alignment accuracy for your car, measuring toe-in and toe-out using the laser beam to make contact with the wheel rims.

Laser tracking gauges can be used on almost all cars and light commercial vehicles and are easy to use, all you need is a level floor. Anyone can become a wheel alignment expert with a laser tracking gauge as they do all the hard work for you and are supremely accurate. 

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Offering an extensive range of laser, CCD & 3D aligners Supalign is a one stop shop for wheel alignment requirements.