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Author: Rob Tyrrell

Supalign Wheel Alignment Teq-Link


Butts of Bawtry have come up with a fantastic gift for anyone who’s looking to purchase a new wheel alignment machine in 2020.

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Supalign Computerised Wheel Alignment Machines


Why do I need to offer wheel alignment?

Any suspension work i.e. wheel bearings, springs, arms, shocks etc. this also includes dropping down of subframes to fit clutches/gearboxes.

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Supalign Wheel Alignment Accessories

Steering Wheel Issues

Ok this month is a very common issue, I’m going to try and tackle steering wheel straightness and how we can try and ensure we get it right first time every time.

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Supalign Computerised Wheel Alignment Accessories

Oh Balls!!!!

I’m going to start this blog off by discussing one of our most common issues, turn plates!

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Offering an extensive range of laser, CCD & 3D aligners Supalign is a one stop shop for wheel alignment requirements.